First and last light beyond Ravenglass

Paddling the tidal reaches of the Cumbrian Esk is a relatively short trip - one that can be extended someway if the river is high enough - but a beautiful one, particularly following a sharp frost on morning's such as this.
First light looking towards Black Combe...
...and sunrise above the mirror calm waters of the Ravenglass estuary.
A little downstream from Muncaster Castle, Brian and Chris, testing the open boat - ideal for this trip.
And looking upstream, reflections frozen upon a slowing tide.
With little water in the river and having lost all feeling in my feet, this was our high point for the day, the sun still low, giving little warmth on one of the coldest days yet this winter.
And a little later, last light, from the low fells above Ravenglass.


Tony said…
Very spectacular shots Will. One shot I don't think I'll ever make is the sunrise one. I need my beauty sleep *lol*
Mark Rainsley said…
Hi Will, just looked at your blog and an idea came to mind. Any chance you can get in touch? - apologies, couldn't see any other way to contact you.

Mark Rainsley