The last leg

From Honister to Keswick, the last leg of the Bob Graham is arguably the easiest - just three summits and on relatively easy ground. But it starts with the ascent of Dale Head, a long steep climb which at this stage in the route, having already covered more than 50 miles, presents a not insignificant challenge.
We had covered a mere nine miles or so, approaching from Braithwaite, just west of Keswick, to recce this last section of the route which, almost one year after deciding to take on the challenge, is as daunting as ever. 
Leaving Derwent Water behind we climbed past Castle Crag and on towards Honister, the weather closing as approached the start of leg five. Within minutes of starting up Dale Head we were in the clag - visibility reduced to around 50m from here on in.
On the summit of Robinson, having reached Dale Head without undue difficulty and finding Hindscarth almost by accident in the mist...
...before dropping out of the clouds descending Robinson...
...and the ridge towards High Snab which leads eventually to the road and the last miles to Portinscale and Keswick. And if the last leg is the easiest, then I suspect these last miles may be among the hardest.