Slow walks around Whitby

As the slow days following surgery turned to weeks, so the slow walks became longer, the last before the first tentative runs being on the coast north of Whitby. Strong winds had eased a little and on a bright but freezing day, I turned my back to the cold breeze and walked to Whitby, following the cliff top path from Staithes. A few pictures, in no particular order, from a route I have run many times, but on which for once, I was happy to move more slowly, enjoying the sun, salt air and surf below.
Whitby abbey, four miles distant across the bay.
Sunlit cliffs just beyond Kettleness...
...and the bare lunar tops of those approaching Sandsend.
Last light, retracing my steps much later in the day.
A week or so later and five weeks after the op. I ran for the first time. Five miles. Feeling OK the next day we ran 13. They were slow by anyone's standards and perhaps not the best warm up for what was to follow.