Running the three corbetts of Quinag

The day before had been a rest day. We visited Lochinver, and as one must when visiting Lochinver, we visited the pie shop. I have written of these pies previously. As have others - one headline reading Pied and Gone to Heaven. Enough said. We deserved the rest day it has to be said, and the pies. We had after all, just paddled around Cape Wrath. And if that was not enough, I had run from Durness to Scourie to collect the car. All 26 miles of it. On the road. I am not a road runner.
And so I was keen to get back on the hills - Quinag, with its three corbetts which is often cited as the finest hill walk in Scotland, seemed fitting. I would run though, rather than walk. I had another pie waiting in the car and was loathe to leave it for too long.
Putting a little effort in, I made short work of the climb to the southern end of the ridge and the first summit: Spidean Coinich.
From here, the ridge is a delight to run...
...and it just gets better the further you go. I ran to the northern summit, Sail Gorm, paused a while, and then turned to retrace my steps before branching off to take in the highest of the three summits Sail Gharbh. The descent was fast and steep, before a long easier angled path drops steadily through the corrie to rejoin the path on which the route begins.
And so, two and half hours after leaving the car, I was rewarded with a rhubarb and strawberry pie. Happy days.