Wainwright's mistake

While I never cease to be amazed just how easy it is to find space and solitude on the fells, quite often within minutes of leaving crowded valley roads, it is also true that there are precious few truly quiet corners that remain among the Lakeland hills. The northern fells, away from the more dramatic ridges and higher summits to the south, remain a favourite haunt - one to be sought out when solitude calls.
Another abstract image then - one that suited the mood of the day, taken from a moment's peace in quiet contemplation on the fells. Never a climber, far less a fell-runner, Wainwright scorned such pursuits, the fells there to be lingered upon and savoured. An artist of unmistakable talent, no doubt he would have scorned such abstract imagery too, but he was mistaken to dismiss all but walkers as those capable of such a thing.