An unusual distraction

Running the coastal paths which form part of the Cleveland Way, has become something of a regular thing of late.
And while the cliff tops give some wonderful views of the coast, I've always particularly enjoyed those sections where the route comes down to sea level, crossing the beaches as it does at Runswick.
If you know where to look, there are less obvious routes down to the sea too - the roped descent at Kettleness is one, which I've used several times - the rope only really necessary when the ground is particularly wet. On this day I passed a small gate and path leading down to the sea just north of Sandsend. I'd been meaning to investigate for some time...
...and on dropping down to the sea, with the tide on the ebb, decided to try and run beneath rather than above the cliffs. A mix of boulder strewn slabs, shingle and shale, it is actually far more run-able than one might imagine.
Inevitably there is some boulder hopping to be done, but there are also many platforms that allow fast progress under the cliffs - though getting too close can be interesting - I saw three separate and significant rock falls in the time it took to get to Kettleness.
An enjoyable stretch, weaving among the boulders though my progress was halted more than once not by the rocks, but by the creatures fossilised within.
Ammonites. An unusual distraction for a fell runner.