Behind the lens

It is a rare occurrence that I find myself in the company of another photographer, beyond the day job at least, which is probably elevating myself rather more than is deserved, but still, it has been inspirational to spend a little time recently with someone who is not only a talented photographer but who has been bold enough to do things their own way and put their own stamp upon landscape photography. 
Credit: Justine Ritchie Photography
Forget remote shutter release buttons, tripods and all the paraphernalia that accompanies so many - a trait which is far from peculiar to photography of course - and think instead of someone spending long days immersed in the landscape they are seeking not to capture, but to interpret and to convey what they feel, more so than what they see.
Resident on the Isle of Eigg, Justine Ritchie is that person. Her story is one I will be writing about for Sidetracked Magazine in the coming months. On a beautiful walk across the island, I tried simply to listen, to hear the stories behind the words, to feel the passion she has for this small island, the seas, mountains and weather that dominates, and the characters that have earned their place here and call it home.
But more of that later. For now, a few images from a day I will remember for many years which began with a steep climb up onto Beinn Bhuidhe, following a lush trail through the steep cliffs and emerging high above the Bay of Laig.
We followed the cliffs north winding through the heather - the path here one of Justine's favoured runs...
...with long views to Rum, Ardnamurchan to the south, Skye to the north.
Perched on the edge of the cliffs, I was struck by the lush green slopes below...
...which we descended later in the day, spending uncounted hours on the Singing Sands of Camas Sgiotaig.