Cul Mor

Stac Pollaidh may be the best loved and Suilven the most majestic, but to my mind Cul Mor offers something equally good, particularly so if you are intent on running rather than walking or scrambling. 
Approaching on the stalker's path from Knockan Crag gives a good warm up on easy ground before things steepen and become a little rougher, heather and bog giving way to rock on the last climb to the broad shoulder beneath the summit cone.
Looking south to Cul Mor, a little way short of Knockan Crag - the route takes the high ground on the left of the frame, climbing steadily to the obvious shoulder in the centre, before moving out to the right to climb the steep ridge into the cloud, the summit hidden from view until the very last moments on this day.
On the ridge, the clouds lifting affording long views across Suilven, Canisp and Quinag in the distance.
Looking down on the spur of Sron Gharbh...
...before leaving the sculpted outcrops of Torridonian sandstone, the wind bitter, and after a brief excursion on the ridge, retracing my steps and descending via the corrie and then back over Meallan Diomhain to pick up the stalkers path on the final miles home.