Late summer sun on Pendle Hill

Given the number of times that I have run on, over, around and at times it seems, even through, Pendle Hill, it is surprising how few images I have of it. 
The only reason I had a camera on this occasion was to test a new bum-bag - I've yet to find one that does not bounce all over the place when tested with anything more than an extra layer inside. Carrying even a small compact camera in one has, in the past driven me to distraction so it was a pleasant surprise to find that this one worked - a double strap securing things remarkably well. Anyway, for once it seemed I would take a few pictures from a regular evening route from home. In the end I took only four. Above, sunset from the middle of Turn Head.
The steep flanks to either side of Mearley Clough, seen on the approach from Worston.
The steep grassy climb of Brast Clough - it is short lived and followed by an enjoyable twisting trail leading inevitably to a longer and steeper climb.
And looking down on Worsaw Hill - recently the seen of a bet, a non-stop run from its base to the rounded top, earning me a pint later that evening. It is bigger and steeper than it looks from above. Especially at the end of a long day.