British Fell Relays

The leg routes for this year’s relay promise to be some of the most beautiful and physically demanding ever. Taking runners over some iconic Lake District fells, the routes cover ground from some classic races and the Bob Graham Round...not for the faint-hearted.
So read the blurb for the 2018 British Fell Relays. While the weather was nothing like as bad as those who ran the Langdale Horseshoe endured a week before, little was visible above 400m from the valley floor. Little remained visible for much of the race whichever leg one ran.
Presented with the map for the navigation leg, my first thought was unprintable. My second was follow those in front. My third was more pragmatic, and despite a slight error approaching checkpoint 2 (the blue dashes marking roughly the line we took) I was pleased with our performance overall. We could have been quicker, we could have taken a better line to the right of Rigg Crags, and I could certainly have done without the painful ankle sprain and hard fall among the tussocks approaching checkpoint 3, but we worked well as a team and what an event to run...
As ever, the real credit must go to those who give up their time, many months ahead, to make these races the success they are.