A long way from Langdale

Looking back at recent posts, it seems I have enjoyed a good amount of sunshine on the fells. The reality is that on most runs, the weather has been far from ideal - high winds, heavy rain, hail, clag. A typical autumn on the fells then.
And so while it was still mostly dry at this point, it was good to capture something of the weather on camera on this most recent run out of Langdale, taking in the aptly named Cold Pike, Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike and Great End before returning via Rossett Pike and finally, Martcrag Moor.
Approaching Pike of Blisco, the Langdale Pikes across the valley.
A view of Great Knott, enroute to Cold Pike...
...while running the remarkably dry trod which passes through the marshy ground above Red Tarn.
Mist swirling in rising wind around Bowfell. After which the rain began in earnest. I pushed on over Esk Pike and on again to Great End finally touching the summit in zero visibility. I felt a long way from Langdale and paused momentarily to consider my route, before plunging back down into the clag bound for Angle Tarn and Rossett Pike. The descent passed in a blur of wind, hail and horizontal rain, eyes streaming, the tarn arriving and being passed by almost unnoticed so intent was I on gaining the ridge above. The descent from here to Stake Pass was a slow affair though things eased a little on the climb to Martcrag Moor.
Looking back on Rossett Pike...
...and the final metres of the climb to Martcrag Moor. Finally the rain stopped, the wind eased and I dropped rapidly back into the quiet and relative warmth of Langdale.