Sunset in the east

I have watched more than my share of beautiful sunsets while camped on some of the most beautiful beaches, more often than not on the west coast of Scotland or on the Atlantic coast of its islands. The east coast of Yorkshire just doesn't have quite the same ring to it. But on a stretch of beach that runs from the north-west to the south-east, in the winter months particularly, the skies regularly turn through the most beautiful pastel shades as the last of the light fades. After a long run on the moors, I wandered slowly on the beach, absorbing the colours and the call of the gulls, watching the sun set, if not in the east, then as close to it as can be.
A few images then - ICMs (Intentional Camera Movement) - panning with a long exposure, from the beach. This one from beneath Westcliff, Whitby.
The beach.
And looking north, towards Sandsend and Kettleness.


Ian Johnston said…
Lovely colours Will :o)

Happy New Year when it comes!
Will Herman said…
Thanks Ian - Best wishes to you guys too. I feel a Cairngorm trip is long overdue!
K said…
Beautiful and very inspiring photos Will. K