Bleasedale Circle Fell Race

For a short race on what I consider local hills, there was a surprisingly large amount of adrenalin flowing at the start of the Bleasedale Circle. The first race of the year - preceded first by injury (IT Band), secondly by illness (Man-flu) and thirdly by food poisoning (Sausage roll en-route to race) - I needed all the adrenalin I could get.
Still, I did not expect to find myself leading the charge into the first fields - it didn't last. The long drag towards the real climb up to Paddy's Pole on Fair Snape saw a dozen or more places lost, followed by a fast-ish run across the tops to Parlick and the steep but all too short-lived descent on which I regained some ground after which the real work began. All the more surprising then that I gained a few more places, the last in the final field with a sprint finish - the expression says it all - to take 12th place.
Photo credit: David Belshaw