Ilkley Moor fell race

There are fell races, and there are fell races. Ilkley Moor fell race is, I think, one of the former. Which is not to say it is not a tough race. Or one which does not attract some talented runners. This year, the 30th edition, also attracted the weather - blue skies and warm sunshine a rarity in Yorkshire at any time of year, never mind February. It is not the kind of race which plays to my strengths, such as they are, being a short, eyeballs out kind of affair, albeit with one particularly technical descent which is my favourite part of the course. And with around 300 runners competing, I was fairly relaxed about the likely result.
But still, a good start always helps. It lasted a very short while, with a steady stream of runners passing as we climbed past the Cow and Calf.
I took a few places back on the stretch across the tops...
...and chased a familiar face hard to the finish.
Left to right, Carl, myself and Chris, 1st, 2nd and 3rd for Clayton. And fell race or fell race, finishing in 30th position overall and 5th v40, I was happy enough.
Credit: all images, Dave Woodhead