Blown away by Oldany Island

The calm conditions remained throughout the crossing from the Point of Stoer to the northern tip of Oldany Island and while we missed the orcas - puffins, manx shearwaters and fulmars all put in an appearance. 
The crossing took a little less than an hour, with the wind shifting and freshening immediately we rounded Sgeir nana Gall. It would not be the last thing to blow up during our short stay.
Landing beneath the old salmon bothy, in the the shelter of Cnoc a Mhoil Bhain.
With white sands to either side of our pitch - at the opposite end of the beach from the bothy - it was an idyllic camp though we were not the only people there for the night. On a weekend's 'fishing' trip, were three locals - whom I'd spoken with our our arrival and who proved to be friendly and keen to share the craic.
Later that evening I spent a while on the top of the small tidal islands overlooking the camp, watching as the evening light faded...
...curlews passing overhead...
...before returning to camp as the evening calm descended, along with the midges. Though I heard nothing of it, on the other side of the bay the evening's entertainment was clearly getting quite lively. It was only at dawn that I was woken with sudden alarm at an explosion. And then another an hour or so later. After breakfast we joined the bay's other occupants for a brew who it seemed had yet to retire. Still keen to share the craic, it made rather less sense than it had the night before, and we left them happily blowing things up, to paddle on through the maze of skerries and small islands that litter the coast north of Drumbeg.
In sheltered lagoons, the seals followed our passage, curious as ever.
Passing through the narrow channel en-route for Clasnessie Bay, Quinag looming above.
It was a gentle morning and we landed soon enough on the sands at Clasnessie.
A last view of the bay, looking back towards Oldany Island.


Ian Johnston said…
That spot has some of the best views of any wild camp Will.....probably best enjoyed without an "Apocalypse Now" background soundtrack though! :-)

Kind Regards
Will Herman said…
Hi Ian - you're probably right, though it was quite amusing talking to the guys in the morning! It was your recent-ish post on Stoer that prompted me to look at this trip again - had been on the cards for far too long without being paddled.